Basketball Store

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Basketball Store

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Amazing opportunity: Earn Up To $25,000/M Professional Automated Basketball store

- Why this business was started ?

Professional Automated Basketball Dropshipping Store Earn Up To $25,000/M Professional Basketball niche store with a eye catching premium theme. Top winning products - Complete SEO optimized Titles - Automated Dropshipping - Offical Qualified shopify Partner - This premium dropshipping website is built on the shopify platform within our shopify partner account. The store comes with a nice collection of apps and tools to increase your subscribers and conversions. NO INVENTORY MANAGEMENT NEEDED! You are always free to adjust prices to your desired markup percentage. You can also add new products to the store if you want. You can do all of this with our automated app within the store. There are no minimum orders required and you don't have to sell in bulk.

The reason of selling this business :

We created this store specifically for those, who want to save time and money and start faster with dropshipping. So our genuine intention was indeed to sell this store.This unique Drop Shipping Business Model will give you all the freedom you need to have to spend time with your family and earn on the side.

  • There is no investment needed for stock or for warehousing.
  • You will have a ready website and don't need to hire a expensive programmer or web designer.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world. The office is where you will go!
  • Drop Shipping is a highly tested business model and has proved to be profitable.   

What's involved in running this business ?

  • $29 Monthly Shopify Plan
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • You could also use influencer marketing

How to grow this business ?

I would definitely run Facebook ads and complement it with Google ads. All the instruments such as retargeting and emails capturing are also the must-have.

In the beginning, I would focus on Facebook ads. Practice is the best way to master Facebook ads, but I would definitely learn from Youtubers. It's free and there is all the needed information to become successful in Facebook ads.

Skills to have

Basic Facebook Ads knowledge, and Basic drop shipping knowledge.

If you are new to dropshipping and ecommerce in general, I'd suggest watching a lot of Youtube videos about Facebook ads and Dropshipping, in general, it can help you to save money and time.

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